Man builds machine gun out of a power drill

Ten points for ingenuity - zero points for common sense:

Hämeen Sanomat (Finnish, translation mine): "An 80-year old man built a machine gun out of a power drill. As he went to the police to get a license for it, to his great surprise he was charged with a breach of the firearms law. The court decided that he was acting in good faith, so he was found not guilty, but the gun was confiscated, and is likely to end up in a gun museum.

"The weapon uses .22 caliber ammunition and can fire up to 420 rounds/minute."

(Click here to see the gun in action - 4.3 MBytes MPEG-PS. Quicktime does not seem to understand it, but VLC and MPlayer seem to work well. I have no idea who owns the copyright on this (a good reason to embed, say, a CC license to your files), but I'll take it off if someone asks.)


You must mean 420 rounds / minute, not / second? -- Ari

--, 21-Jan-2005

Oops. Yeah. Fixed :)

--JanneJalkanen, 21-Jan-2005

Read (and blogged) about this a while back, but seeing a video always makes things more concrete. Downloading was rather slow, I can host this clip on my site too should you want me to or have no objections?

--Jani, 21-Jan-2005

Oh, I have plenty of bandwidth. I'm just using Coral cache to keep a thousand people from downloading 4 Gigs off my server... Which may seem slow to Finns, because the closest Coral server is in Sweden, I think.

The direct link is here, if you want it faster (if you're a Finn, that is).

--JanneJalkanen, 21-Jan-2005

FWIW, Finnish army standard issue assault rifle does a bit better than that (in terms of rounds/minute). For me, funniest thing was that in newspaper they said something in vein of 'very reliable design'.

--psi-, 21-Jan-2005

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