A sweet diversion

Yesterday I just stopped, in the shop, right next to the sausage section. I saw a beautiful woman, packing Carelian pastries in a paper bag, oblivious to my staring. I just couldn't help looking at her, and smile like an idiot.

She turned and came to me. Asked: "What are you laughing at?"

And I replied: "I was just looking at you. I think I'm still terribly in love with you."

I'm so happy I found her.


I love you **squish**

--Outi, 23-May-2005

Mmmm... I love you too. *hug*

--JanneJalkanen, 24-May-2005

Oh for goodness sake, get a room!

--Foster, 25-May-2005

Ootte te sööttejä. :)

--ElinaA, 02-Jun-2005

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