Clearing Eclipse validation markers

Note to self: the only clean way to remove Eclipse validation markers (if you ran a validator to a wrong file) is to remove the file manually from outside Eclipse, then run "Replace With -> Latest from HEAD". I couldn't find any proper documentation on this via Google-fu, so let it be here in case someone else needs this.

Anyhoo, lots of computer nastiness today. Tried to install some common web software on my Mac, only to find out that the program I was installing required a previous version of the said programming language, but the guy who maintains the port refuses to even distribute the earlier version of the said programming language, and that the other stuff I was installing needed the new version of that programming language, which did install, but then it refused to communicate with a well known database system I had just installed, claiming I need a newer version, even though I already had a latest version installed, and then it was already down to compiling from source and after a few hours it all essentially came down to a lot of handwaving, cursing, and repetitive and liberal application of "rm -rf".

People often tell me how JSPWiki is nice because it's so easy to install. I often wondered about this - JSPWiki in my opinion is not particularly easy to install: there are lots of hidden traps you can fall into, if you're not careful.

Today I realized what a pain it can be to install certain open source software if you're not running on a machine which happens to get readily packaged versions. On a decent Ubuntu machine I would've been able to install everything with just a few commands, but having to install open source from the source drove my nerves up the wall at record speed. I had forgotten what a colossal pain in the ass it can be... While having source is nice, needing it is often a sign of Awful Code Whose Author Should Be Whacked On The Head.

At least the pain of installing JSPWiki tends to be relatively constant across platforms.


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