20-year anniversary

Something that passed unnoticed was the 20-year-anniversary of this blog. I started out with a very witty Finnish Hello World -like text:

It is so cold, that when you inhale, the snot in your nose freezes immediately.

The quality has been downhill ever since.

However, I'm wondering... Should I arrange some sort of a celebration? Write a memoir entry? Reminisce about "ye goode old days" of blogging when we all knew each other and had those unforgettable monthly orgies? Right now I don't really quite know how to handle this, so if I a) have any readers still left, and 2) they might have some ideas, feel free to pitch them.


My blog turned 20 last year, celebrations are way overdue. Maybe something together? I'm guessing there are also several others who are as old as we are. A big blog bash later this year?

--Marjut, 21-Jun-2023

That does not sound like a bad idea at all!

--JanneJalkanen, 26-Jun-2023

Tulevaisuuden digi-arkeologit arvostaisivat varmasti sitä että pitkän linjan blogistit kirjoittaisivat jonkinlaisen taaksepäin katsovan artikkelin kaikesta siitä mistä blogiin tuli kirjoitettua. Myös jotkut vanhat lukijat arvostaisivat.

--Tuomo, 16-Sep-2023

Ei huono idea sekään!

--JanneJalkanen, 19-Sep-2023

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