Media World

Went to see the Sony Media World. Met QRIO. Saw PSX. Saw an 800g laptop. Was also treated to some new, astounding laser display technology. Turned 34 years old. Drunk beer. Drunk, period.

Very impressed now.
Can't talk in complete sentences.
The geek purrs in me.

(Found orange Pockys. Yay!)


Happy Birthday!!!

And I'll ask, what are "orange Pockys"?

--Foster, 22-Apr-2004

Happy birthday my friend. It's obviously been a good one :)

--Milla, 22-Apr-2004

Thanks, all :-).

"Pocky" is a type of Japanese candy, that comes in different flavours.

--JanneJalkanen, 22-Apr-2004

34! He's just a baby -- Scott

--ScottHurlbert, 23-Apr-2004

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