What do you mean - "APAC market size?"

I was just interviewed for a Forrester Research on Web 2.0 markets. It was interesting to see how these reports are actually collected, knowing that a lot of companies are trusting them and making market decisions based on them. Heck, I used to read them a couple of years back, trying to figure out strategies.

But boy, do they ask hard questions. I kinda like to think that I know a bit about the Web 2.0 world, leading a wiki development effort, but this interview showed some major gaps in my knowledge. Of course, a lot of it was about market shares, sizes, and segmentation, and we haven't really been tracking our users (I don't know of many OSS projects who do) so I just had to give a lot of educated guesses and some "you know, I haven't really looked into that" -answers.

Altogether an interesting and somewhat humbling experience...


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