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It has been a while since my last scientific experiment, and I am the first to admit that the only reason has been my own laziness. People have started to give me some nice ideas, some of which I might actually implement some day. Especially the one involving whipped cream and naked bodies was rather interesting.

However, in order to help others to have their own social lives, I decided to show just how one can liven up ones life without having to resort to duct tape, just by using ordinary household items - i.e. dirty laundry. The result is not very scientific, though.

Ecyrd Heavy Industries presents: Things you can do with your laundry but probably should not.


You do know there's only thing left for you to do, now? Scientifically, I mean. Try figuring a way to remove body hair with normal household edibles or cleaners (honey, sugar, tar etc.) WITHOUT going to pharmacy or cosmetics store. I'd love to see the Finnish emergency recipe for NADS!

Tiina ;-)

--, 25-Nov-2003

Um. Well.

Any volunteers for experiments? *evil grin*

--JanneJalkanen, 25-Nov-2003

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