Finnish MP's bask in thanks over copyright law

Rosa Meriläinen, a Finnish MP writes in her blog (translation mine):

On Thursday I was already awake, but it didn't turn out to be useful. During the question hour, I tried to get a turn three times, but I failed. I didn't feel too sorry about it, because we left with Irina [Krohn, I would presume; a fellow MP] to the winter season opening of Gramex [one of the lobbying organizations for stricter copyright laws, sort of like the RIAA, but for performing artists] to receive compliments over the copyright law. It was very therapeutic, because we got so much negative feedback on it originally. Now I got to bask in the copious compliments of wonderful men. I have to confess that some of them didn't understand to compliment us, so we needed to guide and urge them a bit.

At first, I figured this is a joke. But then I realized it probably is not.

I have a feeling she just managed to make a bunch of fierce enemies, who don't forget easily. Irina, too.

Update: She has confirmed this to the Digitoday copyright blog. So no joke. Oh well, at least she's refreshingly honest about being on the leash of the lobbying organizations.


I think she managed to do that already during the last battles before the law was passed. One of my personal favourites is this post:

"Olen sentään lapsesta saakka tuntenut viehtymystä kommunistisia utopioita kohtaan, joten olen aina valmis teoretisoimaan erilaisten yhteiskunnan osasten sosialisoinnista. Toistaiseksi olen kuitenkin poliittisissa tavoitteissani pysyttäytynyt eurooppalaisessa vahvaan sääntelyyn ja tulonsiirtoihin nojaavassa markkinataloudessa. Josko joskus lähtisin kannattamaan erilaisia sosialisointeja, en välttämättä aloittaisi populaarimusiikista, vaan esimerkiksi uusiutumattomista luonnonvaroista ja lääkkeistä. Toistaiseksi olen siis sitä mieltä, että musiikilla pitää saada tehdä bisnestä ja rikastua."

Now, I have always had kind of nice thoughts on the Greens, but when you read misleading utter bullshit like this, you know who you can't vote for - even though Jyrki Kasvi of the same party did a great job on trying to get other MP's to change their minds. Still, it's sad that people like Meriläinen actually got elected and get to have a say on issues like these, when they clearly don't know what they are talking about.

--Huh, 22-Nov-2005

Dang, I missed that one... Sorta right, but so wrong.

--JanneJalkanen, 22-Nov-2005

Now does everyone see what marijuana does to your brain! You turn from being a Green to a corporate whore like Rosa. :-)

--Phil, 24-Nov-2005

Somehow I doubt that had anything to do with it; probably the reverse if anything.

--JanneJalkanen, 24-Nov-2005

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