JSPWiki stable

I'm testing the newest CVS code from the stable branch in jspwiki.org. If it works well enough, then we should be able to get a new stable release out soon.

Hum. I forgot my phone home today. Even though I don't usually get so many phone calls a day (IRC/email seem to take much more of my time), it still felt really strange to be unconnected all that time. I was pretty much unable to plan anything, and I had a constant nagging feeling that someone could be calling right about now, and I had no way of telling. Perhaps they would think I am impolite when I don't answer? Or perhaps it is some once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that went by because I wasn't available?

Irrational fears, I know. But I guess it really shows how well we have been accustomed to constant connectivity. I can live without email for a week, no worries. But without a phone? I would be quite lost.


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