Sony BMG steals their own music from P2P sites?

This does not compute. Sony BMG, the herald of copyright and the destroyer of computers is using MP3's downloaded from an illegal P2P website to promote the recent Eurovision winner Lordi.

According to the metadata from the MP3s, at least one file comes from a Spanish website called GrupoeMusica, an illegal source of music files if I ever saw one. So, while technically Sony BMG owns the copyright, they're downloading the content from an illegal source, therefore committing copyright infringement and should sue themselves...

The fun part is that it was probably the easiest way to get the music for the guys who put together the website... But frankly, this kind of behaviour does not exactly solidify the image of white knights championing for artists, but more the image of a corporation trying to make all the money they can, no matter how.

(Via Marginaali. Or to be specific, comments.)


You wouldn't steal a handbag, even if you were an employee in the company that manufactured it!

--Simo, 23-May-2006

this is so hilarious, sony keeps on hitting these beautiful home runs time and time again. What's next? I cant wait. Perhaps there should be a public appeal to ask SonyBMG to sue itself.

--Sami O, 24-May-2006

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