IE is crap

KatjaW pointed out that my blog looks like crap on IE these days (both side bars are missing). Well, it does work pretty well on every other browser I've tried (don't use Windows at all at home, so I can't be bothered to check on IE whenever I change the template, and Mac IE is braindead when it comes to CSS most of the time anyway), so frankly, I'm tempted to leave it as-is for IE users. Or maybe just disable the difficult bits, and leave a very plain experience for IE users. According to my statistics, less than half (41% to be exact) of my readers use IE anyway...

Maybe I can be bothered to do something about it someday. Tips appreciated.

Update 24.06: Tweaked the CSS a bit and added some explicit "display:block;" -commands to some places, which seemed to required on IE (boo hiss). It still looks a bit crappy (and the window is too wide), but now at least you can see all the content.


I usually don't bother to check my pages with IE anymore, and if I do, I just make sure it's not entirely f'd up. If it is, I don't fix it more than is needed so that it just barely isn't so anymore. That is, I'm deliberately aiming for IE users to have a bearable, yet slightly annoying experience, so they can stick to their choice if they really want to or have no choice, while they should still feel the pressure to switch browsers in order to have a better browsing experience.

--Jani, 23-Jun-2005

Along the same tracks with Jani.

Except for the fact that nowadays I don't bother even if they are entirely f'd up.

But I added a banner telling that the browser is outdated and that the visitor should download a Mozilla. The banner is defined as invisible with proper CSS. Since IE can't read it, it does not understand it should be invisible and shows it.

--, 23-Jun-2005

(Said Markus)

--Markus, 23-Jun-2005

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