ETCon notes

It seems that quite a lot of people have really embraced Wiki in the same way they have embraced hammers. It is a tool - it creates no big emotions, and it's so simple you can just pick it up and hammer away with it. Weblogs, however, create the big buzz, and everyone and their dog is trying to wrap their brain around the concept and see where this big phenonmenon is taking us.

Of course, as a Wiki author, this saddens me :-). But perhaps they are right - a Wiki works by consensus of a small group, and as such is about as exciting as any committee work. A weblog on the other hand allows any crazed muthafucka to voice his/her opinions as loudly and brashly as if he was in the Hyde Park Speaker's Corner. Wikis are for work, blogging is for the time when you let your hair loose.

(Oo, Doc Searls is sitting next to me. Better not burp.)


Our German guests always say the same thing. "I want bagels." :-)

--AnonymousCoward, 26-Dec-2008

Removed link from your address - your comment makes no sense, so I suspect it is spam.

--JanneJalkanen, 27-Dec-2008

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