Muzukashii, ne?

I got challenged by Benrope (Finnish) to share this picture with you all. See, if you can guess which part of my luscious body it is?

I'll rethrow the challenge to Earl Grey, whose eloquent commentary to a certain... person got me smiling for hours. It's amazing how unbalanced the world is: one person can create negativity very easily by insulting others with few simple words, whereas trying to make someone feel good will take hours and hours. And bad feelings take a lot longer to dissipate than a good mood.

Sometimes I wonder why this is so - why is the world such that destruction is easier than construction?


I recon it's your leg. Do I win something now?

--Milla, 24-Apr-2004

Because of the second Law of Thermodynamics of course, duh. :)

And a belated happy birthday, btw!

--MichaelGoetze, 24-Apr-2004

Darn, Milla - you obviously know me too well :-).

Yah. I hate entropy, too.

--JanneJalkanen, 24-Apr-2004

You should look at: for other weird and wonderful pictures.

When you get back you can blogpost why the best thing you could think of doing while visiting Japan was taking a cell phone picture of your leg :-) I guess we can all be happy knowing that it's not on

--Foster, 24-Apr-2004

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