Wii and mice!

About a week ago, we got both four new mice, as well as a Nintendo Wii. Not entirely surprisingly, I've been playing with mice and Wii for the past week.

Wii is wonderful (as are the mice, mind you, and not saying this, I hear, would be, eh, unfortunate). Despite sore muscles in places I didn't know I had places, it's simply fun. Nintendo has hit a bullseye here: the console is small, cute, easy to set up, and it comes with Wii Sports, a mindblowingly simple game package which just feels so... right. The Miis are a brilliant idea as well - no more common high score lists: even if you're competing against your friends, the game remembers your own personal results, so it doesn't really feel like competing. (I'm one of those people who simply hate when a friend comes over and with ease knocks you off the top list in the game you've spent hours and hours of churning. Here's a secret: I'm not a very good gamer. Most of my friends are better than I am.)

But, something does bug me about the Wii. And, to be in sync with the rest of the content-creating world out there, I shot a video and put it on Youtube. It's pretty self-explanatory, so go and take a look. It's only a minute of your life, anyway.


Don't forget to get Donkey Konga :-). And actually, assuming you haven't had a dance mat game before, MarioDanceDanceRevolution is nice too.

Being the cheap bstrd I am, the Wii is on hold until the first discount from Nintendo. Unless my bubble bursts before that ;-).

--JES, 26-Jan-2007

Actually, we have a real, hard dance mat, not a sloppy canvas one :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 26-Jan-2007

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