The Avatar

Well, I finally was able to see the much-talked-about movie, Avatar. Those who follow my Twitter stream know that I've had some challenges with it.

Anyhow - and I fully realize I'm very badly late talking about it - I have to admit I was impressed. They're not paying Richard Taylor enough money, no matter how much they're paying. Such level of detail in the design is just insane and gorgeous at the same time (like good design often is).

I'm not going to talk about the plot - it's fairly straightforward and if you've seen fantasy flicks before, you can pretty much guess what happens. But the feeling of being there is tangible. It crosses the thin line between unbelievable and possible, and doesn't require a lot of suspension of disbelief to work. And that's so incredibly important, both in fiction and real life.

(The only thing that bothers me is the thought that the Na'vi all look like blue Gollums. And once that thought enters your head, it's difficult to dislodge.)

(And I loved the alien vs forklift -reference.)


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