An actual discussion this morning

"Ostit sitten minigrip-pusseja postimyynnistä."

"Joo, 30 euroa."

"...melko kallista."

"Nii... elämä on."

Or the same in English:

"So, you bought some small plastic bags from the internet."

"Yeah, 30 euros."

"...pretty expensive."

"Well... life is."

Sometimes I think my life resembles a giant sitcom.


nearly all of my finnish conversations for a while ended with "elämä on", thankfully ive surpressed the urge to say it. damn dna and their ads.

--dw, 25-Apr-2005

Have you considered installing a webcam or two and charging people euros for watching it? A bit like Marika Fingerroos? A few good jokes and little bit of bare skin (read: closeup of toes from time to tome) shold be enough.

And my cut would be 70% from the profits, since the Idea was mine ;-)

--Burana, 25-Apr-2005

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