I do feel thqat I'm rater drnk. Then again, I hacve been drinkin g with someboday else's corprate account for the entire eving in Tokyo. And it's 4:10 in the morning AS I a wrting thisl with no sort of spelll cheking wiatsoever,.'

THSI ENTRY hgas been designe for you to feelk xtremely envious., Hehe. Shops that sell alcohol 24 hurs a day can be somewhat damaging to your coherence, btw. I love this city. And some people I know. You know who yuou are.

I thinjk sleep would be a agood idea abot hnow,. G'net.


This is perhaps the best drunken entry I have ever seen :) Feels funny now, but wait for the hangover ;-)

--Antti Vilpponen, 25-May-2004

Amen to that!!

--Schizo-Janne, 25-May-2004

I was just brushing my teeth, minding my own business and blogging, then I entered your site. Thank you very many! Laughing and brushing teeth don't seem to mix that well. ***kele!

--Jag, 25-May-2004

Drunk blogging. How Finnish! =D

--, 25-May-2004

We live (and drink) to make everybody else happier. ;-)

--JanneJalkanen, 26-May-2004

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