The Personal Office Entity of Janne Jalkanen
Internal Announcement, 30.1.2007.

Announcements in the Personal Office Entity of Janne Jalkanen

The Personal Office Entity of Janne Jalkanen is responsible for maintaining Janne’s work efficiency, and sanity, as well as providing high-quality meeting and negotiation facilities for up to two persons. The Entity is also the Chief Responsible for managing and housing Janne’s Personal Development Plans (PDP), as well as is the central repository of Multiple Important Documents. Janne’s Personal Office Entity is currently located in Helsinki.

To increase the efficiency of the Personal Office Entity of Janne Jalkanen, the Personal Office Management has decided to make the following nominations:

The Table, previously responsible for housing Multiple Important Documents as well as The Computer, has been appointed as the Chief Executive for Piling Things On Top Of Other Things. This allows it to concentrate on its core competencies of piling things on top of other things, and leverage its multi-year experience as a permanent office fixture.

The Computer is nominated the Head of the Computing Division, consisting of a Senior Laptop and a number of cell phones. The Computer is joining us from IT support, where he was previously functioning as a Senior Thing In A Box.

The Coffee Mug is nominated as a Director of Entertainment Functions. He is the successor of the Teletubby Doll, who will be leaving the company to pursue new challenges in the demanding task of participating in the construction of the new E4 motorway as Senior Landfill.

The Filing Cabinet shall take the challenge of housing Multiple Important Documents from the Table, and also continue in its existing role of serving as a General Place To Dump Things. The Filing Cabinet reports to the Table.

The role of the personal masseuse of Janne Jalkanen is still open, and can be applied for in the Internal Job Market.

The Table, the Computer and the Coffee Mug all report to Janne Jalkanen.

All appointments are effective as of February 1st, 2007.

Please join me in welcoming the Table, the Computer, and the Coffee Mug in their new, challenging tasks in the Personal Office Entity of Janne Jalkanen.

Janne Jalkanen
Personal Office Entity of Janne Jalkanen

Shamelessly stolen from a megacorporation who shall remain nameless. Oh, it's always so much fun to watch a reorg.


A "so long and thanks for all the fish" arrangement for the Teletubby!?!?!

NOOOOOOOO! Anyone but a Tubby!-)

--JES, 27-Feb-2007

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