It's better to fly at night

I went to Oulu yesterday. You know, work-related stuff. On the flight there, they served a (very) small meal, a little bun with tiniest slices of salami you've ever seen, a miniature can of orange juice and so on. You've all eaten airline meals, you know what I'm talking about.

A bright ray of the sun was peeking curiously into the aircraft, as I ripped open the bag and sank my teeth into the bun. I guess the bread was a bit dry, because suddenly a large cloud of flour and breadcrumbs appeared in front of my face.

Then the air circulation kicked in.


The entire cloud landed squarely on the lap of the person sitting next to me.

I couldn't believe my eyes. I - much more carefully this time - took another bite, and observed.


Again the cloud flew towards my hapless fellow being. I have no idea whether she noticed what had happened. I didn't dare to look that way. I bent over the tray and tried to consume the rest of the bun so that most of the dust cloud would land on myself or the tray, trying to look inconspicious, but it probably looked like I was trying to throw up into my coffee cup.

We didn't talk the rest of the journey.

(And think about it: the only reason I noticed the cloud was because of the bright sunlight. Think about it next time when you eat something, or the person next to you is eating something - you could be surrounded by a cloud of his leftovers, and you would never know...)


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