New words

Here's a new addition to the IT dictionary:

laptop ballet: the movements made by a person hurrying to a meeting, when he realizes he does not know where this meeting takes place, and that information is only in the email, but he is too busy or lacking a suitable place to sit down, so he ends up running down the hallway, balancing the laptop with one hand, and using the computer with the other.

Sometimes you also see this being performed with PDAs and cell phones, but these are nowhere as spectacular as the full 3 kg IBM Thinkpad version, performed in a narrow corridor in sync with 20 other people.


My personal favorite is the "wall humping" very descriptive.

--Jukka, 27-Apr-2004

Yup. I saw once an interesting case: A very short girl did wall humping against a door at Fraunhofer institute. She was so short that she had to actually jump 30 cm up in the air, and bang her crotch against the scanner.

It looked very painful, but she was apparently used to it.

--JanneJalkanen, 27-Apr-2004

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