Finnish court says: CSS is effective, and watching DVDs on Linux is illegal (in practice)

In a rather surprising move, the Helsinki Court of Appeal turned the previous District Court decision that the DVD encryption algorithm called "CSS" is not efficient. Therefore programs like VLC, which contain the reverse-engineered algorithm and are able to play back DVDs, are illegal.

An appeal is already in process.

Of course, this is a strange decision since nobody is going to care about it and continue using their favourite DVD watching program anyway... Our courts tend to do these sort of strange decisions these days. Obviously, the police does not care as they have real issues to solve - but I am afraid that these kinds of decisions about unenforceable laws are going to pave way to "copyright police", private organizations funded by the media industry companies, with powers beyond the police, who won't be accountable to the public - only their shareholders.

Will corporate fascism be the flashpoint of the next World War?


Eduskuntatalon portaille on jo kuulemma suunnitteilla tempaus, jossa porukka katsoo Linux-läppäreillä leffoja :)

--erkka piirainen, 26-May-2008

I think fascism was usually going hand in hand with corporatism. I'm too lazy to link to Wikipedia. Hehehe.

--Alex Schröder, 27-May-2008

You could just use [Wikipedia:Fascism] :-) Hooray for InterWiki links.

--JanneJalkanen, 27-May-2008

You know how it is. All these wikis with their non-standard markup... I'm too lazy to try and remember... Hahaha. Then again, WikiCreole doesn't say anything about interwiki links...

--Alex Schröder, 27-May-2008

I know... And I'm just being lazy and not enabling HTML editing here. Could do, haven't found the time yet.

--JanneJalkanen, 27-May-2008

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