Saying fuck off

OK, so I wait for a taxi on the Tampere railway station for about 20 minutes today - and I am soaking wet, tired, hangoverish, and in general pissed off at a multitude of things. The last thing I want to hear is some misogynous, racist taxi driver start giving me shit how the women drivers are evil, and why all gypsies are all fucked.

The last time I was so offended in a short period of time was a taxi driver in Melbourne, who started our conversation with "You know evolution is wrong, don't you? It just can't work! God must be behind all this!" (Hint: it's not a good line to try on an atheist engineer.)

Sometimes, it's good to talk to people. But I'm starting to think that the generic Finnish habit of not talking to people is actually a really good idea. Saves a lot of grief.


So the Finnish blog instead? ;)

--Adriaan, 26-Jun-2004

Nope. Don't do even that. About 500-600 known blogs in Finland; perhaps about a thousand in total.

--JanneJalkanen, 26-Jun-2004

You should have started speaking English to him as, aside from gypsies and other so-called lower life forms in Finland, the only things to get those types going are the immigrants. Hey, welcome to progressive hi-tech Finland...or something. :)

--, 28-Jun-2004

I drowned my sorrow and anger into alcohol, as any proper Finn would :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 28-Jun-2004

heres my positive vote. i try my ass off all day long to talk to no one just beacause i dont care to hear what they have to say. most people want to talk. i say fuck them and dont talk. i agree with you!@!!

--, 15-Oct-2004

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