Sweet misery

Just this morning, we were in the shower together, quoting Eddie Izzard to each other and laughing.

Now, a few measly hours later, my love is gone again, going back North, and the house seems so awfully empty. The sun is shining, it is warm outside, like a summer's day, and a lost fly flies frantically about in my apartment, desperately seeking something but only finding a place to die.

I still have packing to do, as I am leaving for Stuttgart in a couple of hours.

I wrote some code yesterday morning, as she was still sleeping, as I did not have the heart to wake her up.

I just miss her so terribly already.


At the risk of sounding disgustingly mushy (apologies to other readers):

You can wake me up in the morning. No dream could possibly be better than having you cuddling up close to me and waking me up. I think I miss you even in my sleep.

--Outi, 26-Sep-2004

But you look so adorable... I just don't have the heart :)

--JanneJalkanen, 27-Sep-2004

Man, aren't you two cute? Adorable!

--Adriaan, 27-Sep-2004

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