Wiki stuff and integration

SnipSnap people ask:

Someone could write a Blojsom or JSPWiki ~FileStorage.

Wouldn't it be far more interesting to have a WebDAV storage system for Wikis?

(I was BTW also looking at the possibility to make JSPWiki Radeox-compatible. Shouldn't be too hard, actually. You just need one adapter class and that's it.)


Yes, an adapter class should be all you need to get Radeox working. Quite easy. If not, send me an mail, we might make changes to the API.

WebDav would be easy for SnipSnap, but there is still the issue on a common format for metadata (author, change date etc.). I think we have a WebDav Servlet somewhere to get stuff into SnipSnap (iCal events).

bye -stephan

--, 27-Nov-2003

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