War wounds

Looks like from the original plethora of Java-based wiki engines, only Confluence, JSPWiki and XWiki remain - Confluence being the non-open source alternative. Some others still linger, but looks like the last releases have been in 2006-2007, so I don't know whether they are still really alive or not (hope that they are!)


It feels good to have survived such a long time (seven years now, w00t!) with the presence of such awesome competition. We are now beginning a whole new era with becoming an Apache project and JSPWiki v3, which will signal the first major overhaul of the entire software since v2.0 in 2002. We've got a bunch of good committers (with a new one added this weekend - welcome, Florian!) and a bunch of pretty exciting things we want to do. And more the merrier, so please join up! Someone could for example design a cooler-looking template for 3.0... We've been looking the same since 2001 ;-)

Ohloh estimates that the total effort put into JSPWiki is worth $1,037,267 - that is, if you had paid someone to make a software with similar features, that's how much it would've taxed your wallet. You could also think of it in another way - I and others could've made a million if we hadn't used our free time to write this software (and mind you, all of the current developers are doing this on their free time, which I think is getting a bit exceptional these days for a medium-sized open source project).

But you can't really pin a monetary value to passion. Because that's what it's been - a passionate affair - throughout these years. And I hope to be spreading that passion even further in the future :-)


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