Recycling parties

I've heard lately people complaining how much stuff they have. It might be a common problem in my age group - you just accumulate things over time, but you never really need to throw them away because you keep moving to a bigger apartment, where the stuff can always be hidden. Looking at the amount of things we have (fairly regular amount of stuff for any six-person family - except, of course, there are only three of us) it really makes me wonder whether I need all of that.

Now, clothes are fairly easy to keep from multiplicating - at least for me - but I've got a ton of stuff which just simply isn't really necessary, yet too useful to throw away. But it seems that there never is time nor the will to start triaging things.

So here's an idea - and I'd like to hear if anyone has experiences with something like this before: a recycling party. You gather a lot of friends (preferably with some inkling of good taste) and let them do the sorting. All things go to four big boxes: "Keep & display", "Keep & hide", "Recycle" and "Throw away". Keep&Display are things which look nice and are worth keeping, Keep&Hide are things which have particular value but aren't used often (or are hideous but precious), the Recycle bin is for those things which are good but not necessary, and the last one is obviously for things which just deserve death.

The party host offers food & drinks, while everyone has fun rummaging through the host's closets and arguing about the things. Finally, the Recycle-bin is taken to a recycling center whereas the garbage is ceremoniously thrown away; and kept items are placed in their proper places.

Might work well as a part of move. Don't know. Let me know if anyone has tried something like this.


We've had success with other kind of recycling parties; mainly tried with clothes but I'm sure other things would work as well. Invite people who maymay bring stuff with them. The stuff is put in a big pile and anybody may take anything. The host recycles the rest.

--Mikko Särelä, 27-Mar-2010

Thanks, that is a good idea and good feedback. But I still keep thinking that there must be a way to make it even easier and more fun for all participants.

--JanneJalkanen, 28-Mar-2010

Shameless self promotion, but now that I have the blog on my google reader.. If you take a peek at, launched last week. :)

--Janne Savukoski, 29-Mar-2010

Sounds like fun, if you dare let others decide for you. :)

--Janka, 29-Mar-2010

Kaima, haa mielenkiintoista. Tää on niinkuin Bookmooch mutta tavaralle?

--JanneJalkanen, 29-Mar-2010

Joo kyllä, vaikuttaa aika samanlaiselta kaavalta. Muutamia vaihtorinkejä tarjoavia vaihtosaitteja löytyy kyllä, että katsotaan miten tämä alkaa saada jalansijaa markkinoilla. Yleisiä, kaikenlaiselle tavaralle tarkoitettuja palveluja lienee tosin olemassa toistaiseksi hieman vähemmän. (Sinällänsä ei tunneta muita, mut sehän ei todista muuta kuin että ollaan saatettu kartoitella laiskasti. :)

Ja onnea vain Thinglinkillä!

--Janne Savukoski, 12-Apr-2010

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