Dancing performance

I got a dance mat for my PS2 as a birthday present. So far, I've nearly twisted my ankle, and banged my head against the lamp.

But it's actually loads of fun: you get to feel again like a complete klutz when you can't do even simple transfers of your bodily weight. Kinda like when I first started martial arts. You also feel completely stupid because you can't recover from a simple mistake after missing rhythm. And also, you sweat like a pig after 30 minutes on it. Though frankly, I don't know whether pigs really sweat that much.

And in fact, the whole thing has rather little to do with dancing. Perhaps, with more practice, it might be possible to develop a knack for "improvisation in a confined space", but so far it feels more like an exercise routine. A pre-programmed performance, so to say.

But I ain't complaining. I can't dance (any teachers around?), but this sure is quite fun ;)


Oh its awesome!

When my wife heard about it (At this point I thought it'd be great trick to tell her about the dance mats and trick her into wanting PS2. Today, "we" do not have a PS2. She does. As she has XBox also. I have old Dreamcast, while she is thinking of getting Gamecube also. I know, insane.) we had to get the dual dancemat bundle with the game immediately and soon after we also got another Dancing Stage game.

Soon after that she got the Eyetoy too, not as much fun yet, but it will be. When they get all the other gazillion game collections released for it.

Also adapters for the mats for XBox hookup and then the XBox game... then there is the UK versions of Dancing Stage and the U.S. Dance Dance Revolutions. The madness continues...

Fun Fun Fun!

--Shrike, 28-Apr-2004

I have seen people actually dance on those things. So it is possible to, though I expect it takes more practice than a sane person is willing to put in that. :)

--Janka, 28-Apr-2004

But I've noticed that you can get the basic rhythms down pretty fast. So I think it should be possible to do improvisation on the easier levels relatively easily.

--JanneJalkanen, 28-Apr-2004

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