One of the more most infuriating things in open source is when you realize that you've hit a problem that appears in only one installation, yet it works perfectly in all other installations. You tweak and tweak and try to figure out what is different between configurations, and just can't figure it out.

So, you think about emailing the author and asking WTF is going on, and realize that you are the author.


Ooo, poor you.... :)

So how do you solve the issue? Take a knife to the code of that one specific installation or start from scratch with it or ...?

--Tuija, 27-Aug-2006

Just apply logic and intuition in alternation. I got it running after I let my brain rest for a moment. It was not one of those "I should've known" -things, but a real configuration issue...

--JanneJalkanen, 28-Aug-2006

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