German beer, mmm...

It really bugs me that the only food name we were taught in the German class at school was "W├╝rstchen und Kartoffelsalat". As I like neither, I am always completely at loss in German restaurants. It must be a similar feeling to what a technology illiterate person feels when trying to buy a computer. I just nod and follow the recommendations.

What the hell are "Zwiebeln" anyway?


Some sort of onions.

--Taika, 27-Sep-2004

Any sort of onions, really.

--MichaelGoetze, 27-Sep-2004

Thanks guys :). I did the brave thing and just tried them them out...

--JanneJalkanen, 27-Sep-2004

I can't believe you don't bother to learn few words for food from the dictionary?! That is, if you visit there more than once in your life..

--h9te, 27-Sep-2004

Is it just me or are others seeing the "please don't use my bandwidth" pics?

I'm seeing them in Bloglines as well as on your site (even after I've hit refresh).

--Antti, 28-Sep-2004

Oops, allowed bloglines to refer to my site as well. If you are not sending a referrer (like using a referrer blocker), you do not see them either.

"A few words for food from the dictionary" is a somewhat more complex issue than you might give it credit for. There are more than a few words for food.

--JanneJalkanen, 28-Sep-2004

Hey, I lived there, I know the amount of food they serve there.. ;) Plus, I learned the words.

--h9te, 28-Sep-2004

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