Watched Dungeons & Dragons today for the third time. It is still a pile of bats droppings.

Well, at least I wasn't alone.


It is a wonderful, wonderful film. Bad, yes, but unlike most crappy films, it is not boring. Each scene has something even more mindboglingly bad than the previous one. Definetely one of my booze + friends + snacks favourites.

(And the fact that Richard O'brien is responsible for the best acting in the film says a lot.)

Hopefully you took your own advice regarding the selection process of the company involved...

--J-Ko, 28-Nov-2003

Well, it is not exactly a romantic comedy, is it? :-)

And I have never been sober while watching it. Not even when I saw it in a movie theatre; we smuggled in beer and caused a lot of commotion. It just seems something that is impossible to do; not getting drunk while watching that movie.

--JanneJalkanen, 28-Nov-2003

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