Arrived back to Helsinki finally, and went straight to work, without passing home. Well, no reason, really - SAS lost my luggage, so I had nothing to take home, and I figured I could at least get something useful done until they find it and ship it to me. I even slept on the plane for a few hours, which is probably why I am so lucent right now. Though I seem to have trouble concentrating. And writing long sentences. Perhaps it is because I forgot my headphones on, and got six hours of subliminal blasting of the latest pop charts.

My humble travel kit: a shoulder bag with laptop and a bunch of go books, and a plastic bag with a bottle of 10-year-old Laphroaig single malt whisky. What else could a man possibly need?

(The conference? It was good, very good. Check out the Wired coverage for a short blurb, suitable for bloggers currently suffering from B.A.S.S.)


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