O, Monaco

This city-state is mindboggling. Where else can you see a supercar (a Ferrari F60 aka Enzo Ferrari in this case) parked outside a hotel - and then walk in the hotel, turn on the TV, and see the exact same car on Top Gear?

Part of me feels like I'm in a fairy tale, whisked away in some other reality. But unlike other unreal places, such as Las Vegas, this place oozes power. Las Vegas looks rich, but since most people in there are just passing through, it's all surface. Here, the roots go deep and drink well.


Geneve is pretty good when carspotting is concerned. A large international / diplomatic community helps a lot.

Or perhaps I was just shocked on a first visit - three crimson Ferraris standing in the same red lights was an unexpected sight... Though superseded last summer in Helsinki, of all the cities in the world (though the convoy of five rental cars didn't quite reach the heights of the swiss experience).

--lavonardo, 28-Apr-2008

Yup, I remember. I also noticed that quite a few cars in Monaco bore CH license plates...

--JanneJalkanen, 02-May-2008

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