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Yeah, my Panther arrived finally, after two unsuccessful attempts. It took me two tries to convince Apple that "yes, I actually would really, really like to have the International English version of the OSX", as they kept being very helpful and trying to send me the Finnish version.

Not that I really mind, the Apple support people have been very helpful and responsive all through this trial; they just seem to think that it is unfathomable that anyone in their right mind would like to use Mac OSX in some other language than their own. I know Mac users are in general considered to be drooling non-techie morons, who need hand-holding and pats on the back all the time so that they don't panic at the sight of a surprising dialog box, but still... :-)

BTW, I love Expose. It's not yet a replacement for proper virtual desktops, but it does make working on a single desktop a lot more productive and pleasant. Also, the fact that there's now proper app switching with Apple-Tab instead of the Dock thingy is really a boon for a hardcore keyboard user such as myself. So far it has easily been worth the 30€ I paid for it.

Oh yeah, and I still can't connect to my home Samba server. In 10.2, I just got a strange error number; Panther just gives me a "the original item cannot be found" message. WTF?


Is there really a need for the international English edition? The only difference in the "Finnish version" is that the accompanied manual and the cover are in Finnish. You can still choose English as the system language.

--VisaKopu, 28-Nov-2003

How would I know, it's not like they explain this on their web page or anywhere :-).

--JanneJalkanen, 28-Nov-2003

Besides the manual, the Classic enviroment seems to be in Finnish. I don't know if one can change the system language there.

--jj, 28-Nov-2003

Oh yeah, that's true. I haven't had Classic installed since I don't know when, so I didn't really remembered it existed :-)

--VisaKopu, 28-Nov-2003

Oops, the jj above is not Mr. Janne Jalkanen but me :)

--jjarvile, 28-Nov-2003

We always get German keyboards although we want - as all programmers - english ones :-)

--, 28-Nov-2003

I usually just change the keyboard layout using software into the US layout if I need to code. Makes it much easier to find the <, >, [, { and whatnot characters... Of course, you actually then have to memorize the location of the different punctuation characters, but it's not that difficult.

--JanneJalkanen, 28-Nov-2003

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