A wish

精一杯 背伸びして 平然を装っていたけど 余裕などないくせに また 笑顔つくってしまった

会えない夜はきまって 淋しさ おそう 好きだから不安になる こんな想い 悲しくて

-- Every little thing: fragile
No, you are not supposed to understand that. But since others like to quote song lyrics, I figured I might as well. Consider it a challenge. It's one of my favourite songs (and I just hope I quoted the right part).

Had the most distressing conversation at work yet. You know how sometimes things and projects you thought you had buried and were long gone, can suddenly come back from your five o'clock and knock you with a two-by-four?


It's an important word. And the older you get, the more you realize you have to learn it, and apply it properly. And if it cannot be done as it should be done, sometimes the best solution is to drop everything and just walk away.

I have to meditate upon this.


Mun FireBirdilläni lyriikkaquote koostuu kysymysmerkeistä. Onko tää joku arvausleikki?

--Merten, 29-Apr-2004

Ei oo, sulla ei vain ole japaninkielisiä fontteja asennettuna.

--JanneJalkanen, 29-Apr-2004

Ei se mitään. Emmä japania osaiskaan.

--Merten, 30-Apr-2004

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