Cycling on the swamp

Today is a public holiday in Finland, so obviously I managed to squeeze in a full schedule. After visiting my grandmother, I practiced some more experimental cooking - though this time it turned out to be quite edible and nice, and thus does not really qualify as a scientific experiment. Then I went for a quick bike ride with a friend, and ended up on a swamp. In the picture it seems all so very quiet, but this is in fact a busy Finnish neighbourhood called Jakomäki, right next to the Porvoo motorway. So the sound of the cars passing by was quite audible, which made the contrast between the "middle of nowhere" scenery and the sound landscape somewhat strange.

We got all sorts of really strange stuff here you usually never really think about, unless you specifically go out to look for it. It's probably the same in most other cities and countries, I would guess. But why do we fill our lives with the same things all over again? We repeat ourselves too much, I think. Break the mold - do something new and exciting!

I once heard a good advice - "Every day, learn something new." Simple advice. REALLY hard to live by. Think about it for the next week - every night, when you go to bed, name one thing that you have learned or done that day that you did not know or had done before.


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