Feeling bad. Very bad. I finished yesterday by throwing up three times, and I am having trouble keeping my lunch down right now. My stomach seems to have an autumn cleanup going on.

It feels more like a flu than a hangover to me. One of the signs is that a hangover would be going away about now, and I'm actually getting worse. Perhaps it was the food (which was suspicious, at best).

Update: It's evening and my stomach is still giving me the busy-tone. Eurgh.

Update2: Thursday evening, I'm back, and my stomach is feeling a bit better. I still have to watch what I eat. Must've been a food poisoning of sorts.


Looking at the previous entries on your blog, we saw this coming.

--Jyri, 29-Sep-2004

*sili* Voi sua, toivottavasti toi menee pian ohi :(

--, 29-Sep-2004

That's Stuttgart for you.

--Merten, 30-Sep-2004

Selvä epidemia meneillään, tällä Karjalan Prikaatissakin oli kiva kuunnella viimeyönä viereisestä tuvasta "Hyöööörgh!" -kommentteja...

--Merlac, 30-Sep-2004

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