Speed on!

There is something inherently beautiful in the Dopplr Raumzeitgeist. Funny to see Finland as one of the top-10 destination countries, but since this is mostly for business travellers, it is not exactly a big surprise, considering a particular former rubber boot factory.

Dopplr is a great little web application. I like the no-fuss design and the general simplicity (though the "Add new trip" -button could be in a more prominent location. I keep losing it.)

There is also a Dopplr Offsetr for those who wish to calculate how much CO2 you are chugging into the atmosphere. You know, offsetting your carbon isn't really that expensive, and it's pretty easy to do - just check how many miles you have and offset them all in one big lump every year. (I use Climatecare.org). Of course, it won't help in reducing the use of carbon-based fuels, but at least it's something.


Thanks Janne - you saying something is 'inherently beautiful' means a lot to me... thanks man.

--Matt, 01-Feb-2008

No problem. Dopplr is a beautiful service, above all else. I wish I could sprinkle some of your magic dust on my own projects...

--JanneJalkanen, 01-Feb-2008

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