Oh, my word!

So, just finished the last episode with the 2nd Doctor. Far more action than with the first one, but the second doctor, Patrick Troughton, just didn't seem to quite fit the role. The stories, however, seemed to be better overall. The last one - War Games - was actually pretty good, I thought.

Too bad so many of the episodes are missing.

Now started to watch the first episodes with the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee. I'm shocked - it's in color!


The ninth and (especially) tenth doctors are seriously recommended as well.

I've thoroughly enjoyed the three post-reboot seasons, and despite a looming sub-optimal companion choice for the fourth season, am looking forward to it.

Too bad tv 2 stopped the show after the first season, and the cheap-o scandinavian dvd releases dried up also.

--lavonardo, 01-Jun-2008

Yup, I saw them as they came out of Finnish TV. The entire series is now coming on MTV3 Scifi, presumably also all the new series (once they get through doctors 3-8 first, though).

--JanneJalkanen, 01-Jun-2008

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