Slightly worried now

OK... So I managed today to fix all the things that cropped up today, and I have a huge backlog of things that occurred over the weekend, or during my trip to Oulu, or during my vacation. I got to the point where I was receiving more email than I could handle - the inbox was growing faster than I was emptying it - and I was doing nothing but reading email. I even had to tell people off because I was so busy doing things that I apparently should've done during my vacation (yeah, right) - and I try and never do that.

Not good. I see exhaustion ahead, approaching rapidly. I'm feeling good and energetic after the holidays, but at this rate I'll be dead by November.

(There's a big downside to working within the office hours: people see you and wander over to talk to you about pressing matters. And your work flow is interrupted. If you work outside the office hours, or from home - not that many interruptions. Perhaps I should just stay home for a couple of days, just to get some work done. *grin*)


I would like to say I really appreciate the work you have done on jspwiki - the more I customize it, the more i begin to love it. Until now it never comes to the point where I thought: "Oh sh**, i cant implement feature ... due to over complexity of the core".

Thank you, thank you!

(Hope this helps a litte ;-))

--imario, 31-Aug-2004

Hey, thanks!

That really warms my heart :) What a good start for the day!

--JanneJalkanen, 01-Sep-2004

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