So are you talking about astronomy vs. astrology? Or more of a metaphysical one-ness that says we are insignificant in time and space? Or were you talking about the paradox between the ordered and predictable motion of the universe containing stars and planets vs. the unpredictable and sometimes very erratic tram system?

For your English only visitors :-) , this link about Astrology as a Science will take you where the Google link was headed....

--Foster, 02-Mar-2004

No, sporalogy is a very well defined branch of astrology. It gives very accurate predictions on your life, based on the relative positions of the Helsinki trams at the time of your birth.

It is better than astrology, because the gravitational pull exerted by the trams is greater than of the planets, so they actually do have more relevance to your life than the stars. You can calculate it yourself pretty easily =).

Actually, sporalogy is a pretty good joke invented by Nils Mustelin, a well-known Finnish astronomer and philosopher. He is a good enough writer to make a "sporalogy horoscope" that sounds completely convincing, and which people swear is accurate.

--JanneJalkanen, 03-Mar-2004

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