I have recently had number of strange error situations with readers. Readers always shows stored value, but they may forget paid period, or just refuse to use stored value. Might be due to these changes.

--AnonymousHero, 01-Sep-2008

Could well be. Or your card could be breaking down.

--JanneJalkanen, 01-Sep-2008

Hmm. I got the *MIFARE* text on the reader even though I haven't got any other RFID cards than the YTV one. It flashed by, though, and I was able to pay my trip.

--avs, 02-Sep-2008

Shouldn't be happening with those Idesco cards... Unless they show the text before they start anticollision, based on just current consumption. Which would be odd, but consistent with what you say.

--JanneJalkanen, 02-Sep-2008

Same thing here, showed just the card to machine, purse was nowhere nearby, and still it showed MIFARE couple of times. Good thing I read about it here, otherwise I might have panicked what is happening eventhough I know it shouldn't have happened with the YTV card. It happened, I think yesterday.

--Spinsteri, 02-Sep-2008

I have witnessed this "Mifare" phenomenom several times during last week, as I tend to sit near the ticketing machine due to travel sickness issues.

--Anonymous, 03-Sep-2008

-avs: me, too. No other RFIDs but the same error message every time while boarding the tram on Monday and Tuesday this week.

--Veera, 03-Sep-2008

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