Damn damn damn, my secret is really out now ;) I thought that you might have figured that one out by now though, and probably Henri too... but all the better if I managed to confuse you all this time :)

Unfortunately, I'm happily in Finland at the same time you're here, but if you can extend your stay for a bit more (ok, for another week :P) - we could go and meet my personal hero Leonard Nimoy together...

--Milla, 01-Oct-2003

Dang, that would be cool. Alas, I have to return to shoveling rocks, since I am blowing the rest of my vacation days on the trip to Japan =).

--JanneJalkanen, 01-Oct-2003

Japan is a fine place to have a vacation. 日本へようこそ。 --MurrayG

--MurrayG, 01-Oct-2003

Hi This site is AMAZING!!!It`s perfect for the best actress of all the time!thanks a lot for this!

--lokimikoj, 21-Sep-2007

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