They never do...

--Joel, 02-Oct-2005

I don't know if the Starbucks Java Chip ice cream has made it to Finland, but it not it is a tragedy. Not only will it kill you with calories, it has massive caffeine to boot. Ahhhh, combine it with a good glass of wine and you have a winning combination.

--Joel, 02-Oct-2005

Heh. The only thing you need to add is some carcinogens, and you have a well-rounded dinner ;-)

(Sadly, no, Starbucks has not even tried to establish itself in Finland.)

--JanneJalkanen, 02-Oct-2005

Wow, no Starbucks in Finland? They are so common over here I'm surprised I don't have a Starbucks franchise in my house. Oh yeah, I guess I do since I am drinking their House Blend coffee this morning...

Well, of all of the multi-national corporations, I have to admit that I hate Starbucks among the least.

--Joel, 02-Oct-2005

How much did it cost? What size were the buckets?

--Phil, 03-Oct-2005

Ah, crap. I can't recall exactly anymore, but think it was about three-and-a-half euros, half a litre. Not very many flavours were available (three or four). They're just probably testing the market, so go and buy it all and give them a signal that they should order more :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 03-Oct-2005

Ah, there's nothing better than attempts at manipulating markets. This probably works especially well when the market is emerging and the number of items sold is fairly low. One person buying a dozen or so pints of ice cream could be a huge jump in the number sold per day.

This reminds me of a poll taken by a local TV station during the first Iraq war. It was the kind of poll where people would call one number if they supported the war and another if they didn't. I was in college at the time and my roommate and I ended up calling the "no support" number for at least three hours straight. By the time the TV station aired the results, the somewhat puzzled newscasters reported that more than 75% of San Diegians were against the war. This was somewhat shocking since the town is fairly conservative and has a large military presence.

Anyway, my point is that if you don't mind stocking up on some ice cream and/or putting on a few pounds, you could probably manipulate the system into giving you more selection.

--Joel, 03-Oct-2005

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