Sometimes I wonder your attitude against anonymoys writing. I know that there is plenty of crap flying in the fan when people don't use their names, but its almost stupid to use your own name on the matters that are um... touchy.

Videos are great. :)

--Janne, 02-Feb-2009

I try to encourage people to write under their own name (or a known pseudonym), and discourage anonymous writing. Those with a real need to be anonymous are free to do so, but they need to exhibit a lot better text than people writing under their own name. It's the old stick-n-carrot thing...

Kinda like on Slashdot - known pseudonyms get an automatical +1 on their comments... Anonymous people are not prevented from commenting, but the system automatically assigns them lower weight. Just like in real life - I just have to do it manually.

Thanks for asking anyway, I've been meaning to write about this a bit more.

--JanneJalkanen, 02-Feb-2009

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