One can always quote Hunter S. Thompson:

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."

This is sick world. And the best way to get off it is just make yourself even more sicker. Actually that's the way to keep sanity.

--Schizo-Janne, 02-Apr-2004

Don't dare me. That won't be pretty... I might join your exclusive "Where I store my golden award statuette" -meme, for example.

--JanneJalkanen, 02-Apr-2004


People want what they already have. Disagreeing, standing up and having an opinion is scary. If I were to link to your On Resigning, then I would be saying that it is relevant and I can't do that because noone else has done it.

--J-Ko, 02-Apr-2004

Next time, try to cry: "I'm the beast" in the middle of the Church. It should be amazing...


--, 02-Apr-2004

Why don't you write a really nice article about how Go is the best hobby ever or something, and I'll see whether I can get the Webmaster of the German Go Federation to link to it from the frontpage? ;)

--MichaelGoetze, 02-Apr-2004

I think they would just go "yeah, and...?"

And J-Ko: Perhaps my mind is clouded at the moment by the shrouds of tiredness, but... Hunh? WTF?

--JanneJalkanen, 03-Apr-2004

Muru, et sinä sitä kuvaa julkaiset kuitenkaan! Lupaat vain...

  • kiusii ja suukottelee samalla*


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