Can you post/enter what you get back? I've got a JSPWiki setup here and I'd be interested in hearing how it can be improved.

--Foster, 05-May-2008

Sure. So far it looks a bit thin...

--JanneJalkanen, 05-May-2008

I would:

+ move my email services to Google Apps / Gmail

+ drop JunkScriPt and use Google Sites (plus Google App Engine :-)

+ maybe use Blogger :-)

+ for DNS

+ maybe use Google Code for CVS/SVN

it will kick SaaS compared to (self)maintaining of 1-to-n server(s)

--Life Tester, 07-May-2008

Well, um, I *am* the lead developer of JSPWiki, so thanks for the suggestions, but they are unimplementable.

--JanneJalkanen, 08-May-2008

oops :-)

--Life Tester, 09-May-2008


--Vaselir, 08-Apr-2015

And what do you write?,

--идиот скачать книгу, 09-Apr-2015

Maybe enough news on this topic?,

--однокласники nod32 ключи, 10-Apr-2015

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