With this new wave a couple of cats are out of the bag. for example you get a 200 text limit on your text, but now all you have to do is goto meebo on safari and text for free. This of course would hurt ATT and I don't think they realized it. Now as for the third party apps I don't think anyone will be skypeing anytime soon. True the technology exists but its being suppressed here, by the big companies. I had ICQ in 1999 nobody around me heard of it, "what would you want that for? we have AOL". as for Skype there are cases all around the country where quality of the broadband is being intentionally suppressed.

To get Back to your Point. I agree with you, I think your going to see a following of mini browsing compatibility. Perhaps something like Parallel websites with mostly text.

--Butch, 03-Jul-2007

I'm also interested to see what OpenMoko brings to the picture. In other words, to see if it will pass the geek group and move to the mainstream.

--ChuckSmith, 10-Jul-2007

Yup. OpenMoko is certainly very interesting.

--JanneJalkanen, 10-Jul-2007

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