So, you know Charlie too. He's a good guy and meetings with him are never dull ..-

--Janne Toivoniemi (SchizoBlog), 03-Jan-2008

"Isn't it kinda loser-ish or worrying to put your "work self" as the first, most definining thing about yourself?"

Yup. Especially as you don't mention any hobbies. Unless jsp is a hobby.

--Jaakko, 04-Jan-2008

Jaakko, I did think about writing about hobbies, but I figured that they are irrelevant to the content of this blog. I don't write about them here, and I certainly didn't want this to sound like a personal ad.

--JanneJalkanen, 04-Jan-2008

"I know it sounds really bad, but... there you go. I've said it."

Nah. You are just being more sincere than most of us. The thing I like about you so much is your ability to always apply common sense to any tricky topic.

I'm still not sure weather to list hobbies in CV and which ones. Does roleplaying games still make you look like a freak?

--Suviko, 04-Jan-2008

Stantion id is good idea. I have been reading your rss-feed for some time and I didn't have a clue who you were.

And now I know I don't know you :)

Maybe people should set an semi official date when all the bloggers would make this kind of announcement.

Who am I and why am I doing this to my self and others.

Next time 4.1.2008?

--Juha, 04-Jan-2008

I mean 2009... Year went so fast.

--AnonymousCoward, 04-Jan-2008

Suvi: thanks, and I don't know. It's not something I really talk about, so I think it's largely irrelevant to this blog. Also, roleplaying seems to have become so academic recently that I don't know whether I have something to add. I'm very old skool in it.

Juha: maybe. Great that you like it!

--JanneJalkanen, 04-Jan-2008

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