80 JSP pages per minute? Woo-hoo!

Janne, what kind of processing power does this box have? I know you increased the RAM recently, but I'm guessing (based on the above statistic, plus the fact that searching the JSPWiki site is very slow) the processor is a bit dated.

Any chance of an upgrade? I think it would prevent visitors (like my boss, who I'm trying to convince to use JSPWiki instead of TWiki for an intranet site) from concluding that JSPWiki is slow.


--, 08-Jul-2003

1.4 GHz Athlon - never mind my last comment, if you see it (where do they go, anyway?)

--, 08-Jul-2003

I expected them to show up on your blog (although feel free to delete my 3 comments, since they're worthless : )

--, 08-Jul-2003

The server hosting this blog is a 266 MHz Pentium II with 512 MB of RAM. It's also running at least seven JSPWiki instances, all with differing versions. JVM is the 1.4.2-beta, using HotSpot Server. The 1.4 GHz Athlon is something I have at home, which I use to develop JSPWiki. JSPWiki is positively fast on that machine =).

I agree, search is slow. But it is slow because of the search algorithm we use, not because of the machine.

You can do the OSCache installation yourself, it's quite easy. I put short instructions on JSPWiki:UsingOSCacheWithJSPWiki.

--JanneJalkanen, 08-Jul-2003

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