I don't know if they still have the same policy, but I used to love the way the lights would stay off until the end of the credits at Andorra in Helsinki. Might have been the same at Orion as well, but in this case memory fails me. I think my appreciation for this sort of pedantic behaviour might be related to the tendency to read the liner notes on records. A combination of completism, desire for trivia and a sort of respect, I suppose.

--Ripa, 05-Feb-2007

And damn you who taught me to sit to the end, :-) Now another set of people are suffering from it...

--Spinsteri, 05-Feb-2007

As you said the Pixar movies are well worth staying for the little snips. Some recently have put bloopers in the credits. My peeve is the guy that stands up in front of me and does the huge "arm flap flail while he gets into a coat that makes him look like the Michelin Man" routine which blocks the screen.

--Foster, 05-Feb-2007

What, L and I aren't the only ones that do this? How odd.

My reasons must be similar, since I absolutely can't remember any relevant cast credits or auditory acclaims. Still, there I sit, waiting for the atmosphere to subside, and maybe for the occasional closing jape.

Now, speaking of Pan - what is the relevance of the reverse time flow at the beginning, and is there any concrete proof of dying delusions versus fantasy during the movie? I can't name anything in certainty - which only makes the whole movie more memorable for me. (Can't wait for our showing of Devil's Backbone, here.)

And, by the way, Finding Nemo has some of the more amusing pixarish credits out there.

--ebu, 16-Feb-2007

I think the movie has been carefully constructed not to make the distinction. You can watch it as either...

--JanneJalkanen, 16-Feb-2007

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